About DSP

DSP Systems Limited was founded in 2006 with a specific goal in mind: to build a company unlike any other in the business. A professional parts trading company, manly focused on the computer parts including LCD, motherboard and HDD.  

1).A better company, one that customers can depend on for immediate, reliable, value-added   parts management solutions and unparalleled customer service.

2).A company, filled with people committed to acting with integrity--toward customers, vendors and each other.

3).A company proves to everyone that high ethical standards and great financial success are not contradictory--that, in fact, they mutually support one another. 

DSP Systems Service’s owners and the entire organization are dedicated to building a company that is a lasting embodiment of these essential values and to making DSP Systems, more accountable, the better component supply chain solutions provider that our customers have ever had, or ever will have.

There is a marked difference working with DSP Systems Service. We are the new and best in breed of independent distributors. The DSP team includes some of the industrys most talented and experienced individuals as well as key outside business professionals who have quickly developed a brand and industry reputation for outperforming our competition. This is demonstrated through our customer service, consistent sales and profit growth, our customer loyalty, our innovative supply chain solutions and our quality and delivery track record.

Integrity, service, unsurpassed quality, innovation and commitment to continuous improvement are what you get with DSP Systems Service, from our first conversation with you to the immediate delivery of high value solutions that meet your specific needs.We will try our best to meet your all needs.